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Our supplier list

Organic Wholesaler

Naturkost Erfurt

Is a regional wholesale company offering a full range of natural food and natural products. They only sell goods that have been ecologically certified to at least the EU directive, preferably by farming associations such as Demeter, Bioland and Naturland. For us particularly important: Naturkost Erfurt is well positioned with regional producers from its own delivery area, so that we get to a large extent products from organic farmers in Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia and Brandenburg.

Meat and sausage specialties

Vorwerk Podemus

stands since 1991 for organic farming, active conservation and ecological enthusiasm. All steps from the daily fresh slaughtering to the production of meat and sausage specialties take place directly on the farm in Zschoner Grund near Dresden. On Vorwerk Podemus cattle, pigs and poultry are raised with love and respect and kept appropriate to the species. The cows use spacious stables, enjoy freedom on the surrounding pastures or be pampered by their own massage brushes. Meanwhile, the slow-growing pigs live comfortably on straw - of course, with natural light and lots of fresh air around the nose. The food for all animals comes from our own farm - only as many animals are kept as the farm can feed on its own.

Organic butcher Juffinger

Since 1997, Juffinger has set up a complete production line for organic meat and sausage products. Over the years, the village butcher's shop became Austria's first organic butcher's shop, which also has many customers in Germany. The recipes for the purely biological production were developed in years of small work themselves. The products are therefore more organic than the EU dictates and meet the strictest criteria of the leading organic food associations. In terms of regionalism and sustainability, Juffinger sources the processed meat from farmers in the region who keep their animals to strict organic guidelines.

Game and Galloways

from the National Park Saxon Switzerland - Waitzdorfer Höhe

The robust cattle are the oldest highland cattle in the British Isles. All animals of this herd are born in Germany and purebred. The five wooden fenced paddocks cover 25 hectares of pasture land. Three wooden shelters protect the animals from the heat and cold. The Galloways are hornless and frugal beef cattle with a gentle to the vegetation kick and bite. Their unpretentiousness in terms of food and weather conditions make them especially special. Even temperatures below -10 ° C do not hurt them. Therefore, the animals can be kept in the field all year round. Only in winter is a feed with hay (no concentrates). The births usually run smoothly outdoors.

We also source game from the Saxon Switzerland National Park.

Milk and cheese

Kanzleilehngut Halsbrücke

Not only does the Kanzleilehngut Halsbrücke have the organic seal, it is also committed to animal welfare that is true to the species, and provides visitors to their organic farm with an insight into the daily work and production of their products. These processes can be followed by every guest - from the meadow care to the feeding and care of our dairy cows, each of which hears their name, to the finished cheese loaf. Not only natural yoghurt, but also cheeses such as soft cheese with the funny name "Mutschli", "farmhouse cheese Bruschetta" or the "Rosa Gina" enrich the rich and wholesome organic breakfast buffet of our guests in Schmilka.

Goat farm Lauterbach

Since 2004, the family business of Rolf and Doreen Seim exists as a pure lease. It was founded in cooperation with and supported by project LEBEN e.V., the owner of the farm. Today, about 105 dairy goats are kept, whose milk is processed into various organic goat cheeses. Our favorite: goat cheese ripened in biochar ... mmmhhhh.


Deutsche See

The "Deutsche See" has been active in the organic market since 2002 and has thus significantly influenced the positive market development of organic fish. Here, the company has set out to build a very well thought-out eco-fish production with an incredibly consistent commitment. Therefore, in addition to certified fish from aquaculture, we only buy wild fish that is not endangered in the herd.

Cereals and flours

Rolle Mühle

Since 1992, the Rolle mill environmentally friendly with renewable energy. All flours are ground with hydropower. The first certified organic harvest of Saxon farmers was ground in 1993 in Waldkirchen. Since 2012, we have been using spelled, rye and yellow wheat flour for our bakery products in the organic wood-fired oven bakery.


Getränke Helmke

The company Helmke as beverage wholesalers has been a service provider to the local gastronomy & hotel industry for more than 25 years. Whether it's alcohol-free organic drinks from the region or high-quality organic spirits - Getränke Helmke is a reliable partner for us, so that our hideaway is never dry.


Weingut Hoflößnitz

Once the electoral vineyard and rural retreat of the Wettin family, today's Hoflößnitz foundation is an idyllic jewel in the center of the Saxon wine culture landscape. Since 1992, the wine has been consistently produced according to the guidelines of ecological viticulture. Thus, the winery is the first certified organic wine growing operation in Saxony.

Wiegand Manufaktur Weimar

True to the motto: "Less is more", Wiegand Manufactur from Weimar produces two different types of liqueur and gin with its small 100-liter distillery  . For a year, the company founders Matthias and Lilit Wiegand work together on the perfect flavor composition of each product. With a keen sense for the different nuances of the certified organic ingredients, they have created a floral and wholesome herbal liqueur, as well as a characteristic and fresh London Dry Style gin. [Nbsp]


Ölmühle Fam. Ballaschk

Gerd Ballaschk's mother always complained that linseed oil did not taste as it used to. This gave him the idea to produce a particularly mild linseed oil with a slightly nutty taste. Thus, the oil mill of Fam. Ballaschk delivers a biological linseed oil of the highest quality, which is also extremely tasty.

Chocolate and coffee

Adoratio Schokoladenkunst

Adoratio Schokoladenkunst Naschwerk GmbH & Co. KG is the first certified organic Naschwarenmanufaktur in Saxony. The chocolate factory buys a large part of the raw materials from direct imports from the respective producers. For raw materials where this is not possible, the FairTrade idea is respected, so Adoratio likes to pay the higher prices. Chocolate is not just a stimulant, but a raw material that nature has given us to awaken moments of happiness, childhood memories and the joy of life. In Café Richter, the drinking chocolates with a wonderful view of the Elbe and Schrammsteine ​​can be especially enjoyed.

Kaffeerösterei Mrs Brown

The coffee roasting company Mrs. Brown attaches importance to selected varieties and obtains the coffee mainly from South and Central America as well as from Africa. The green coffee beans are refined by a gentle long-term roasting - and not least by our many years of craft experience. The coffee is mixed after roasting and packed in valve bags - so the aroma is preserved for a long time.


Bio-Konditorei Bucheckchen

Die Tradition als Familienbetrieb reicht bis ins Jahr 1964 zurück – Bucheckchen steht für traditionelle Rezepturen gepaart mit professioneller Handwerkskunst in hochwertiger Bio-Qualität. Dresdens erstes Bio-Eis gibt es für jeden Geschmack in verschiedensten Sorten. Klassisch, fruchtig auch vegan und milchfrei mit Haferdrink. Im Café Richter lassen sich die erfrischenden Eisspezialitäten mit herrlichem Blick auf Elbe und Schrammsteine besonders genießen.


Löwe Naturmöbel

1994 setzten Martina und Steffen Löwe ihren Plan in die Tat um und gründeten Löwe Naturmöbel - ein Versandhaus, das seinen Schwerpunkt ganz auf ökologische Produkte rund ums Wohnen setzt. 2003 übernahm Löwe mit FarmHouse die traditionelle Marke für Natursofas in Deutschland und lässt damit moderne Möbel nach strengen ökologischen Richtlinien in kleinen Betrieben in Norddeutschland produzieren.

Naturfarbenwerkstatt Dresden

Die naturfarbenwerkstatt steht für Farben u. Oberflächen, die begeistern — im Sinne der Ästhetik, der Haptik, der Bauphysik u. Baubiologie, der Reinheit u. Sinnhaftigkeit der Produkte. Daher setzt Inhaber Sven-Erik Hitzer für alle seine Neubau- und Renovierungsprojekte auf die Fachkompetenz von Anka Böthig und ihrer Naturfarbenwerkstatt in Dresden.


BIOHOTELS – mehr als Hotel

Als Mitglied im Verein der BIOHOTELS bieten wir ein wahrhaft grünes Hotelerlebnis für Genießer, die Wert auf Nachhaltigkeit legen. Nachhaltiges Wirtschaften, regionaler Einkauf und umweltfreundliche Energie- und Abfallkreisläufe sind für uns verpflichtend. Als erste Hotel-Angebotsgruppe haben sich die BIO HOTELS einer Nachhaltigkeits-Zertifizierung unterzogen. Damit ist die ständige Verbesserung der CO2-Bilanz das erklärte gemeinsame Ziel.


Als Nationalpark-Partner fühlen wir uns Natur und Landschaft des Nationalparks und der Nationalparkregion Sächsische Schweiz besonders verpflichtet. Wir helfen, dass der Naturreichtum für uns und unsere Nachkommen erhalten bleibt. Ihnen als unserem Gast und Kunden möchten wir die Schönheit der Landschaft zeigen und mit unseren Leistungen und Produkten die Sächsische Schweiz von ihrer besten Seite präsentieren. Als Nationalpark-Partner verpflichten wir uns, den Nationalparkgedanken in unserer täglichen Arbeit mit zu tragen und Ihnen weiter zu vermitteln. Wir möchten, dass Sie sich bei uns wohl fühlen.

Gutes von hier – Landschaf(f)t Zukunft e. V.

Regional produzierte Produkte gehören zu den Besonderheiten, die unsere schöne Kulturlandschaft zu bieten hat. Der Verein Landschaf(f)t Zukunft e.V. hat ein Netzwerk entwickelt für regionale Produkte verschiedener Erzeugersparten in der Region. Die Bio-Bäckerei mit ihrem Mühlenbrot aus dem Holzbackofen ist seit 2013 mit dem Siegel „Gutes von hier“ ausgezeichnet, da für das Brot ausschließlich Bio-Mehle aus dem Erzgebirge verwendet werden.


Der VEBU ist die größte Interessenvertretung vegetarisch und vegan lebender Menschen in Deutschland. Die Organisation setzt sich seit 1867 dafür ein, den Fleischkonsum dauerhaft zu senken und eine pflanzenbetonte Lebensweise als attraktive und gesunde Alternative zu etablieren.

Aronia Original

Aronia-Saft, Aronia-Crunchy, Aronia-Tee,… Gäste des Bio und Nationalpark Refugiums können die kleine blau-schwarze Beere in ihren verschiedensten Formen genießen. Aronia Original aus Dresden verarbeitet die süß-säuerlich-herbe Frucht unter anderem von ihrer Bio-Plantage in Stolpen.